Read about what our clients has to say about our services

“I never thought they could fix my caravan as it’s very old and had many problems in the past. After taking it to Columbian Caravans my doubts were put to rest. I sincerely doubt there is anything they cannot do.”

Pauline Pritchard

“Professional and affordable. I will continue to use this company for problems with my caravan as they know their stuff.”

John Lancaster

“My caravan is always as good as new when I take it to Columbian Caravans. Friendly service. Guy always has a bit banter with the children. Great service. Only place I would take my caravan.”

Linda Cook

“I have always taken my caravan to Columbian Caravans. Not only are they professional and affordable, but I know they always have your vehicle in safe hands. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my caravan serviced.”

Wayne Culley